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I myself am a former owner of an Amiga. Recently I decided to try to find music from Turrican III, and believe me it was more difficult than I thought. Anyway, it came to my surprise that there aren't any Turrican III mods, but instead all the music was made in TFMX format. So then I found a player which had very little documentation, after a little frustration I finally figured out the problem. Anyway, this page is for those of you who want TFMX music and a player.

PMS [dos tfmx player] comes with music from Turrican I, Turrican II, Turrican III, Apidya, Monkey Island, R-Type, Curses of Ra, M.U.D.S, Oxxonians, Titlesong, GMS, Masterblazer, Apprentice, Quik and Silva, Rock and Roll Game, Jim Power, Hard and Heavy.

PMS [dos tfmx player] comes with nothing (select music from archive)

TFMX music archive

The player comes configured for GUS, to change this edit the pms.cfg file and change gus to either sb,sb16,sbpro (depending on your card) then change the playing frequency to 11025, and the interrupt, baseport and dma to correspond with how your soundcard was setup.

Here's a copy of my configuration file:

sbpro          ;sounddriver (sb,sbpro,sb16,pas16,wss,gus)
11025          ;playing frequency (left out on gus!)
$220           ;base port ($ for hexcode!)
5              ;interrupt number
1              ;DMA channel (use the 16-bit channel on sb16!)
$a0            ;startup Volume (for GUS only)

A new TFMX player I havent tried
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