My very own fanfictions!

I'd like to warn you all right away that every single one of these stories deal in some form or other with sex. And I've got all kinds of sex, too. So if you are not an adult, or if you aren't sure kinky stuff, deviances, or plain simple sex are your thing, turn away right now. In short: it's porn. Porn Porn Porn. You have been warned.

Second warning... English is a second language to me, and I do not own an english spell-checker. Although I've learned basic english in school, everything else was learned on my own, thanks to the TV, comic books and lots of SF novels. :) I've had many pointers given me by wonderful readers and fans who were nice enough to share their knowledge with me, but still, some of this stuff might be a bit raw for some people, although I dare-say the writing technically is superior in my latest stuff over the previous as I learned more and more. That doesn't make them better story, just better handling of some punctuation and the like.

Nothing Wrong With This Picture

The Escort Stories

Three Sisters' Tails

Playing With Water