DataHaven Project

Acceptable Use Policy - 18 April 1997

"Abuse" of DHP resources or "abuse" of DHP's services may result in
immediate and non refundable account termination. The definition of
"abuse" is left to sole discretion of DHP. 

Some "abuse" examples are provided below.  
 Proven violations of Local, State, and/or Federal law.
 Attempts to gain unauthorized access on DHP.
 Unsolicited advertising or mass messaging via mail.
 Mutiple posting in "spam" via usenet-news.
 Disruption and/or "flooding" of local/remote network traffic.
 Disruption and/or "flooding" of local/remote services.
 "fork bombs", "malloc bombs", and other forms of resource hogging.
 Multiple logins under one account name from multiple people.
 Multiple logins under one account name on modem dialins.