DataHaven Project

Basic Policy List - 30 March 1997


All basic user accounts include limited support in helping you get set up. This includes information on how to set up your web page, how to post and read usenet news, and other limited help in using your unix shell account on DHP. However, we assume that the user can read/send email, and this is how we will help you. If after an initial discourse via EMail we decide that a voice call is in order, we will either call you, or have you call us. Basic support from DHP is via EMail only.

Your Password

For all intents and purposes, your password for your account is your identity. If you lose or forget your password, we cannot retrieve it for you, nor will we change it for you. Your account name and password are the only items (together) that prove that you have a DHP account. Since no other records that could verify you as the account holder are kept, be sure that you do not lose or forget your password.


It is DHP's policy to keep administrative information on an account to a minimum. However, we keep basic logs on our machines for security and maintenance reasons, which are rotated out and deleted on a timely basis. Potentially, this means personal information such as your usage habits and origin of your connections to us may exist temporarily on our machines. Like the postmark on a letter, there's really no way to avoid this. This information will not be made public if at all possible. Please also be aware than we will cooperate fully with any law enforcement agency that requires it via court order. We strive to provide as anonymous an environment as possible, but we cannot guarantee total anonymity.